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Self-driving cars, Avatar customer service and drones delivering packages – what looked like a science fiction movie a few decades ago is now a reality. However, most of us are not aware of how much artificial intelligence (AI) is actually making our lives easier and affecting it. And this despite the fact that Germany is one of the most innovative countries in digital technologies. But what areas does AI actually touch? Here are some examples.

Smart games

Artificial intelligence is not entirely new. The first computer and video games were invented in the 1950s. The fact that a computer could beat a human player in a complex game like chess was pioneered at the time and demonstrated that machines can simulate logical thinking patterns. So far, of course, a lot has happened and computer games like Tic-Tac-Toe aren’t surprising, but rather arousing feelings of nostalgia. Nowadays, gaming fans can plunge into realistic 3D worlds with the help of detailed graphics and virtual reality glasses. But virtual reality Shaped like virtual reality glasses Not just for gamers. In fact, they are also used in psychotherapy to treat different types of anxiety.

Automated transport

You don’t have to own a self-driving car to take advantage of AI in transportation. Modern aircraft have a sophisticated flight management system, a set of Global Positioning System (GPS), motion sensors, and a computer that tracks the location of the flight. A pilot in a regular Boeing 777 spends about seven minutes on a full flight piloting the plane manually. The rest of the work is done by the AI ​​system. But traditional smartphones are also equipped with smart navigation systems such as Google Maps. We can find our highway around a strange city or even locate our phone if it gets lost.

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Innovative banking

Nowadays there is hardly anyone who does not do their internet banking. The result: More and more bank branches are closing and providing services at cheaper rates. With banking apps, transfers are made in a few clicks and bills are paid in no time at all. Some smartphones allow logging into the app with automatic face recognition to ensure user safety. but that is not all. Thanks to artificial intelligence, apparent behavior can be detected and thus attempted fraud. This is especially true when shopping online. Algorithms attached to our credit cards recognize our shopping behavior and then trigger an alarm when those patterns are broken.

Smart home

Even in their own homes, most people are already taking advantage of AI without realizing it. For example, smart induction hobs turn off automatically when there is no pot on the stove, so that energy is not wasted or there is a risk of fire. And some coffee machines with sensors do not start grinding the beans until it recognizes the cup. Smart sensors also ensure that lighting systems only turn on when someone is in the room or in front of the house. Home appliances controlled by artificial intelligence are not only a thing for the comfortable people, but also for those who want to save money and protect the environment.

Artificial intelligence in assistants

Digital assistants

For many people, a smartphone is not just a device for making phone calls or sending text messages. Thanks to countless apps, mini pocket computers have become personal assistants who remind you of appointments, navigate city traffic, lead yoga sessions, or suggest the right recipe. And thanks to automatic speech recognition, we can talk to our digital assistants very comfortably. Thanks Smart speaker Or smart speakers, we no longer have to search for Google weather forecasts and questions online ourselves, but we can talk to Alexa or Siri right away, who provide us with the right knowledge within seconds.

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Personal browsing

Everyone has different interests and thus different browsing behavior. What we look at online, whether it’s on social media channels or online stores, is saved in most cases so companies and organizations can create an accurate user profile. This is used, among other things, to place targeted ads. The news feed on Facebook or Instagram is also adapted according to our own interests, so that most of us see only the filtered content. On the other hand, AI naturally enables a customized user experience. On the other hand, you should be aware of this fact and don’t forget to think outside the box.

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