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No longer pick up at Langedic. This particularly annoys users, who, without being informed by their operators, discovered that the mobile network was no longer working. on me Facebook page “Here, it’s linguistic.”On Tuesday, May 31, many residents expressed their dismay. “No more nets since yesterday, back last night but since this morning, nothing more,” Laura noted. “Same for SFR for me and my wife is free, same, they are mistakes. It gets complicated when you are expecting important phone calls,” Marina said impatiently. “It is unacceptable to be taken hostage at this point…,” Bruno commented. turn.

Contacted by phone, the municipality of Lanjedic confirmed that it had been alerted by residents. Each user refers to their operator regarding network recovery.

Back to normal on Thursday

The origin of the disturbances is related to the work in progress on the Lanveur antenna. Spie, which provides multiple technical services in the energy and telecommunications fields, operates there on behalf of Bouygues Telecom.

“We cut off the antennas on Monday, May 30th. Normally, it will start again on Thursday evening [2 juin, NDLR] Says Gabriel Caro, Project Manager at Spie. “The city council should be aware that we are required to send a city hall information file, called a Dim, with frequency developments. But some people care about it more than others. Residents can request to see this document, which must be provided to them.

The renovation work at the Lanveur branch precedes a larger project. “We replace the existing antennas and pre-install the wiring for a potential 5G installation,” says Gabrielle Caro.

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This Thursday, June 2, experts are expected to arrive at the Lanveur site to restart the network.

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