Retro Gaming, Italian user accused of selling fake games for € 100,000 –

The Reactionary It has obvious collector implications, and even more or less rare topics can be of enormous value. However, there are also unpleasant episodes as described by the Facebook group Big Box PC Game Collectors, according to which a Italian userAs well as the appraiser, to sell Dummy games For years, removing anything 100,000 euros.

The fraud came to light when the user in question sold a copy of it Agalabed: The world of destruction, A 1979 classic created by Richard Cariot before the Ultima series. The buyer of the game realized that something was wrong and began to investigate.

From there it came out that something was wrong with the many other titles sold by the former evaluator of the Facebook team: hand-cut labels, prints made with modern devices, modified logos or fonts different from the originals.

In short, the new owners of the most respected collections of the classics have found themselves with the proverb that a few flies, they make a clear impact. He cons Was set up with the awareness that elegant (supposedly) inspections of goods would be difficult to carry out accurately. Who will test the functionality of a floppy disk that existed forty years ago?

According to a document drawn up by the group’s managers, the alleged sale of the Italian user seems to have been going on since at least 2015, but it is not clear if anyone has moved from a legal perspective to seek justice. .

Veronica Tucker

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