In Loudéac, the exhibition space for art and landscape design – Loudéac . has opened

He was already using virtual reality to design and present his landscape installations. From now on, with this new exhibition space, Steven Louesdon offers clients the opportunity to experience their future landscape project. Five thematic gardens of more than 1,500 square meters are presented in the Synergie space, rue de Büdingen in Loudéac … FounderLandscape art and concept He sees this space as “a source of inspiration for people who have run out of ideas, or who want to enhance their choice of materials.”

On an area of ​​1,500 square meters in the Espace Synergie in Loudéac, the company showcases five landscape designs. As here is the modern garden, with a climatic pergola and a gazebo on the plots. (Telegram/Fanny O’Hare)

Outside, five gardens were shown

A “Mexican” garden, with agave and burnt wood, a modern garden, with a bioclimatic pergola and terrace on the plots, a Mediterranean basin shaded by an olive tree, a Scandinavian garden, and a Japanese-inspired garden. Outside the building, the client can walk between different landscape displays, see the color of this paint, and test this studded concrete with a luminous sheen. “The idea is to remove all the technical possibilities of the gardens,” explains Stephen Lewisdon, who insists on the company’s technical and conceptual dimension. “I am not planning to create the same parks for everyone, but for customized projects. That is why we wanted to make the exhibition center big enough to open minds.”

With a custom corner having all kinds of fencing, paving, paving, and covering. “Previously, customers were asked to go see a particular supplier. Now everything is in the same place,” continues the manager, who explained that it took two years to create the place.

I do not plan to create the same parks for everyone, but personal projects. That’s why we wanted to make the exhibition center big enough to open minds.

Showroom for relaxation, furniture and cooking

Inside, offices and a showroom spread over 150 square meters with products from partners, spas, garden chairs and tables, lighting, brass, and panels in particular. “These are mid-range products,” identifies the manager, who believes this type of service has been missing in the Loudéac-Pontivy segment.

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The company must continue to grow. In addition to the fifteen hires, the company is recruiting three landscapers.


Espace Synergie, Büdingen Street in Loudéac. Open from Tuesday to Saturday noon.

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