Redout: Enhanced Edition – The futuristic racing game is free until 19/05/2022

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After FPS with Prey and indie adventure game with Jotun: Valhalla Edition, the Epic Games Store brings us a futuristic racing game until Thursday 19/5/2022. Developed and published by 34BigThingsSRL, the title offers you colorful single-player or multiplayer races. Geeknplay summarizes what awaits you RedOut: Enhanced version.

The next generation of anti-gravity racing games has arrived! expiration It is a tribute to the giant in classic racing games. Designed to deliver a fast, challenging, satisfying and uncompromising driving experience, imbued with the dizzying feeling that stands at the heart of arcade racing games. »

  • Speed. The title makes an impression of incredible speed. Everything is designed to make you feel like you’re going fast.
  • Dynamic soundtrack. Prepare your ears for one of the most powerful, dynamic soundtracks you’ve ever heard.
  • Guidance. Control is the most important feeling when racing at 800 km/h. Upgrades and enhancements will allow you to control your ship with greater precision. Your ship must be tamed before attempting difficult circuits.

Without a doubt, those who yearn for erase Address must appreciate 34BigThings My Search. Just go here to get the game for free. Once you get it for free before Thursday 05/19/2022 at 5:00 PM, the game will be yours for life! Good way to wait and see for Redout 2 release due soon. Also, be aware that many DLCs They are offered to prolong your happiness. Will you try adventure? Don’t hesitate, it’s free! We are waiting for your response! Tell us all in the comments below or on social media: FB, TwitterAnd meInstagram And discord./.

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