In Mama, Laurent Gbagbo charts the axes of his position in the political game

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Laurent Gbagbo returned to Abidjan on Tuesday 29 June after less than 48 hours in his home region in the west of the country. Before leaving his village Mama, he participated in a morning traditional “purification” ceremony, during which traditional leaders symbolically washed him from his previous state as a prisoner, marking his return to society. But this move to Mama also marks a new stage in her resettlement in the Ivorian political game.

Laurent Gbagbo built his public speeches on several axes. First angle of attack: Against the legitimacy of the current authority. At France 24, Laurent Gbagbo insisted: He won in 2010, but he was ” Survey “He said:” very embarrassing “In the interest of Alassane Ouattara. It’s been more than ten years since the two men have spoken to each other and the former president doesn’t seem to listen to his successor’s pleas to keep a low profile.

When he returns to Mama, denounced the International Criminal Court” not dangerous “,” It seems to underestimate the scale of past crises,” Our little differences “According to him.

Laurent Gbagbo always plays the man of the people card: ” I did not inherit a political place. Since I was young, I had to fight. When I talk about people, it is not an empty word. »

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He wears the clothes of a firm opponent, supports the alliance with the PDCI party, and prepares for the upcoming visit of his former opponent, Henry Konan Bedie. As for 2025, he says it again: I, I don’t rule anything out. I’m in politics and then I’m a soldier. I’m attentive. »

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But Laurent Gbagbo must have brought his party, the Popular Front for Defense, back to work, managing the damage caused by his claim Divorce from Simone Ihevit. Maybe that’s also why he asked Mama’s dignitaries to thank him” little woman Bamba Club, for her dedication during her prison years.

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Today, PDCI and FPI are a convergence that can lead to an alliance. I can’t predict, but today we have a good relationship.

Maurice Kaku Goekawi, Executive Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

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