Kem’s, Ramzy Bedia, is back on Channel + in June 2021

By Laura B. Posted May 31, 2021 4:14 PM Updated May 31, 2021 4:14 PM

Ramzi Bedia returned to Canal +, in June 2021, to be the master of “Kem’s”. From June 1-20, 2021, his show hosts celebrities – such as Jad Al Maleh, Frank Gastambede, Joy Star, Gabriel Cisse – who face each other with card punches.

Kim“, The Game Moved by Ramzi Bedia, She returned Channel + Just before the summer of 2021. Is being broadcast clearly, Sunday to Thursday, from From 1 to 20 June 2021, At prime time.

Kim“It is likely to be card game The most famous in the world. On his show that first launched a little over a year ago, and which has been shown again Channel + For one third season Previously, symbolic She is the master of the game .. It is a game in which two teams of people compete, including manyComedians.

In cJune 2021And the Ramzi Bedia Receives in particular Gad ElmalehAnd the JoyesterAnd the Thomas DutronicAnd the Elie ChamounAnd the Philip LachoAnd the Tarek BoudaliAnd the Michaux and WinnoxAnd the Judge JumailiAnd the Frank Gastambede, His sister Melha B├ędiaAnd the Bon Hai meanAnd the Gabriel CisseAnd the Frank Dubowsk or Jean Pascal Zade Quote from her.

Display “KimBroadcast, while you are broadcasting June 2021It is produced jointly with production companies Ramzi Bedia Based on Jamel Debbouze.

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The new ones Episodes from “KimIt will also be available on the platform MyCanal So is the rebroadcast Channel + Offset.
distance “The Arena’s Comedy Club“On France.Tv”Lol: who’s laughing, get out!Posted by Philip Lacho on Amazon Prime, We WatchKim” Certainly Channel To have fun before the summer!

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