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ChatÔ’s computer workshop started on May 4 at 2 PM. Aurélien Gradel, a digital consultant, addresses the group: “We agree, you’re signed up for the basics. Today is computer discovery.” The eight participants: Seniors introduce themselves in turn. One says: “The Basics, I’m here for it.”

Aurélien Gradel unlocks a computer tower. “What is the most important part?” he asked. “There is the motherboard.” Aurélien Gradel identifies “the motherboard is the body.” As he interacts with the group through questions and answers, he presents all the components. Then the participants complete the test. An oral compensation is given.

Enthusiastic and eager participants

Using a video projector, Aurélien Gradel demonstrates the manipulations that need to be performed such as turning the computer on or off, displaying a window, making it larger or smaller, storing it in the taskbar, moving it on the screen, or resizing it. Participants, in turn, perform manipulations on their laptops. The facilitator goes to see everyone to make sure they have gained. At the end of the session, Aurélien Gradel provides paper support regarding everything that was seen during the workshop. Enthusiastic and highly sought-after participants are already looking forward to meeting in a couple of weeks.

Sophie Corneau, Director of ChatÔ, notes that “these workshops cater to the needs of the area and are part of the social project. There is already a request to open the upcoming workshops at the beginning of the school year.”


Five 1.5-hour sessions, from May 4 to June 29, alternating with Pierre Rafe’s smartphone workshop. Le Chateau, Tel. 02 96 55 31 74; Email: [email protected]

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