Will man go to Mars sooner than expected? SpaceX is firm

No more “if”, but “when”. There Human mission to Mars It is not questionable, in fact we are seriously considering accelerating this ambitious project, which could renew the same emotions experienced in the 1969 lunar landing. The anticipation of the trip was firm Quinn ShotwellNumber one and CEO of SpaceX.

More and more details of the Red Planet are known, including the incredible ones Recent solar eclipses, But obviously it would be more important to keep the foot on this surface. Shotwell firmly believes that man will be able to travel to Mars by the end of the 2020s. Not after 2029.

Of course the leader of SpaceX is a confident person. According to him, in fact, the return of astronauts to the moon will happen sooner, and then there will be enough preparation to go to Mars. Shotwell gave a lengthy interview to CNBC in which Tesla’s number one Elon Musk-led aerospace company wants to make a reality of many projects that are currently only on paper. This is not a coincidence Rocket-spacecraft To deal with the key unknowns of such a trip, in fact the vehicle has already been renamed “Starship”. The latter consists of a series of lunar missions in the plan.

NASA’s idea

Suffice it to say he was a Japanese millionaire four years ago. Yusaku MesawaHas decided to book this vehicle to orbit the moon: work is getting closer and closer, to begin in 2023. To talk about Mars, Whose weather is not yet known, NASA seems to be very cautious when the time comes. In fact, the US space agency sees this 2040 The year when a human group is most likely to land on the Red Planet. Expecting this date depends on the characteristics of the starship.

A review must be completed

It is obvious that SpaceX speaks best about this, but Do (Federal Aviation Administration, the American organization that regulates aircraft) is conducting an in-depth environmental assessment. At the end of this investigation, we will be able to learn more about Mars and the potential acceleration of travel. The FAA just made sure it could end it all By the end of 2021, But since then there have been many aces, and now it seems that next May 31st is the most reliable date. It is worth remembering how the “colonization” of this planet was the constant thought of engineers around the world for over seventy years.

Back in 1952, Werner von Brown The first science fiction of this kind lost its balance with the idea, but at the time it was speculated that Mars was mostly Earth-like. Hypothesis relied on 10 spacecraft, 7 trucks and three passengers, a crew of 70 and 1965 Very interesting year to make everything come true. Apparently nothing has been done and decades of “remote” discoveries have made human work even more attractive, i.e. theories Mysterious Mars frost Which need to be explored very carefully.

Veronica Tucker

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