In Plouha, he won 100,000 euros thanks to the scratch game! – with a plate

“It’s funny,” Loïc Michot does not hide an emotion. On this Tuesday, May 10, 69-year-old Blauhattan woke up early and, as usual, went to the tobacco bar La Civette, “the stronghold of the morning,” as he put it, buying a cash scratch card. And there is a big surprise: he won 100,000 euros. “It was exactly 7:15 a.m.,” he recalls.

The winner celebrates with local regulars and thanks the La Civette team. “The news went around town in an hour,” the player smiles, before captivating him: “Up until then, I had won small sums. My best winning was 7,500 francs with the sports lottery.”

“I set the alarm”

When he realized the value of his ticket, Loïc Michot first worried: “I hid it in my pharmacy, fell asleep with a knife and connected the alarm. I had to wait before I could return it.” A few days later, he went to the site of the Française des Jeux, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe activity of Lamballe. “I went there on Tuesday, and they transferred my earnings to me on Friday,” he testified. With this money, Loc Michot changed cars and now intends to “please” his son and four grandchildren.

Reached the plate in 1980

The lucky winner, who is originally from Rennes, arrived in Plouha in 1980. “I was 26 when I set foot here. I thought I’d be back in Rennes in six months. Finally, I’m still here today. This former catering employee ran Two fishmongers in Bloha and became president of the Society of Friends of Saint-Pierre.

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The managers of La Civette are also pleased. “We’re glad the average victor is the winner,” says Manuela Videment, who took over the company two years ago with her husband Cedric, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. The former winner of €1 million, she played in the EuroMillions tournament in 2018. “She won, and we’ve never seen her again!” says the manager.

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