In the Pays de la Loire, 13% of those over the age of 15 do not know how to use digital tools

The digital divide, a term we hear about a lot and sometimes affects us personally. By the digital divide, we mean all those who do not have a computer, tablet, smartphone or internet connection. But the term also includes another fact, a fact “l’illectronisme”The fact of not knowing how to use digital tools.

13% of the concerned Pays de la Loire population

In the Pays de la Loire region, 13% of people over 15 So you don’t know how to use your computer or tablet properly. However, a number should be put into perspective, compared to the national average, which rises to 17%.

All these numbers will also be presented on Thursday, November 25, at the César conference, the region’s economic and social environmental center. “Many young people have difficulty when it comes to downloading to the computer, sending an email or searching for itAccording to Jack Bourdon, one of the report’s authors.A computer is not a smartphone, and we have seen this, for example, during periods of remote study. There are young people who find themselves in trouble“.

The elderly are the most affected

Even if all strata of society are affected by this electronic frenzy, the elderly, over the age of 60, remain most affected with the problem. “For me it is another worldFrançoise, retired admits.I’m having a hard time getting used to it. We closed the post offices, we no longer have anyone to contact at the bank… It’s not universal“.

The internet is talking to me less and less. I get the impression that everything is getting more and more complicated, especially since we have no direct interlocutor, and no one is in front of us. As for the registration of co-ownership, no one can answer our questions. For us, this is impossible and it complicates our lives ”- Christian, retired.

Many of these profiles of seniors with e-mail can be found in the homes of France Services, public and free places where counselors come to the aid of all those who are having difficulty with their procedures online.

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And so there About fifteen French service homes in the Loire Atlantic. To that of Villeneuve-en-Retz for example, a dozen people I’ve already scheduled an appointment right now, with very diverse profiles according to Audrey, one of the center’s advisors. “These digital gadget issues affect everyone, but of course especially the older ones. No computer, no tablet, no smartphones sometimes, it can get very complicated.”

In France, according to the latest reports, online procedures are slowing down more than one, even when they have mastered digital tools. a third of the French It will give up its formalities on the Internet. Another number, a third of people who start online procedures end up abandoning them along the way because they are too long or too complex.

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