Because of a videotape: A woman wanted under an arrest warrant

In the era of many streaming services, video libraries have always been a relic of days gone by – even longer VHS tapes. But in the United States, the loaned videotape is now fatal for a woman. Like the site She stated that the woman in the US state of Oklahoma was wanted by police for embezzlement – without knowing it. The woman, who now lives in Texas, found out about this when she wanted to enter her new name on her ID card after her recent wedding. In the responsible office, she was told that she is wanted under an arrest warrant in her hometown and that she should contact local authorities immediately.

Videotheque filed a complaint – 21 years ago

There she was informed during a phone call that a local video store operator had reported her in 2000. Accusation: I submitted a VHS version of “Sabrina and the Magic Witches” and never returned it. The woman fell from her breath. She herself never remembers renting or seeing the movie. At the time of the crime, she was living with a man who had multiple children and thought he might have borrowed the tape on her behalf and then forgot it. She did not believe that they wanted to prosecute her for this crime today. Apparently, the lady did not have to fear any punishment.

The video library has been closed for years

According to the report, the aforementioned video library was closed in 2008, so there are no longer any victims. In addition to the complaint, there is also an arrest warrant against the alleged VHS thief, but after investigating the case, the attorney general decided to stop the proceedings. But for the defendant, this is a minuscule consolation. In an interview with, she explained that she has been fired several times in the past few years without giving a reason for the firing. Now it becomes clear why. She is listed as a fugitive from justice for 21 years in her police file, which is often used by employers to investigate a possible criminal past. Her criminal record must now be removed by submitting an application to avoid such problems in the future.

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