In the United States a shaky victory

The US Congress approved Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election Nov.3 on Thursday night. Elected officials resisted the chaos that reigned for a few hours inside the Capitol Building, under pressure from a crowd of Donald Trump supporters. Responsible for this disaster, the outgoing president eventually realized that his term would expire on January 20. Until the end there will remain uncertainty about what position this selfish leader will adopt, but for the United States, the substance is safe: Republican institutions are in place, the process of democratic rotation continues and the hypothesis of burying a coup.

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But the incident will leave traces as it testifies to tensions that will not subside soon. For four years, Donald Trump embodied the extreme distrust of part of the population toward the political establishment and the sense of decline that plagues the middle class on a large scale. However, these shortcomings remain. Throughout his tenure, he has played on the power that ICTs provide to falsify lies, to build a virtual reality world to which proponents adhere to conviction. However, these tools will retain their power as long as they are not regulated, especially digital platforms. In addition, Donald Trump will continue to weigh in politically and others will try to exploit the same prescriptions.

For Western countries, especially European ones, it is crucial that institutional continuity prevails in the United States. This country, with all its faults, is one of the centers of freedom in the world and it has the assets to remain so. Until yesterday, China, Russia and Iran joked about their political weaknesses. In the face of these powers as a ruthless security apparatus seizes power, democracies must remain united.

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