Free Game of the Week is here, Star Wars is on the front lines in 7 days

After the daily distribution of free games during the holiday season, the futuristic shop at a North Carolina shopping mall has resumed its usual rhythm.

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As we have known since December 31, Crying Suns is available through January 14 at 5:00 PM on the Epic Games Store. The ways to get it are always very simple: Have an account, you go On this page, You click “get,” and you’re done. It belongs to you forever.

Can you imagine this game combines strategy and rogue-lite in a world of science fiction, designed by the inhabitants of Montpellier in Alt Shift? there he is :

After 700 years of peace and prosperity, the galactic empire suddenly collapsed. OMNIs, the robotic deities at the service of mankind, have mysteriously disappeared and humankind, which has not been able to survive for long, is dangerously close to extinction. But somewhere in a remote corner of the galaxy is Gehenna, a plant of ice and rocks, which houses a top-secret facility, pioneer of imperial technology, but also humanity’s last chance for survival.

Embodying a version of Ellis Idaho, the best assassin admiral in space ever, this plant is awakened by a strange guardian with an ironic sense of humor: Kaliban, the last functional OMNI.
Your mission: guide your ship through the different sectors of a now violent and chaotic empire to try to re-energize OMNIs and save the future of humanity. But now you have to leave Jenna … because your time is running out.

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Once you have gathered your belongings, you can begin to drop the next gift. We will remain in the paintings that instead of crying you will wage war this time. Because from January 14-21, players will get Star Wars Battlefront II in the Celebration Edition. Always cute after a little episode of The Mandalorian.

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