In Vanes, a cleaning worker was sentenced to steal a computer at a law firm – Van

Since lawyers and their assistants do not work on weekends, it was Monday morning, in April 2021, when returning from work, that a laptop had been stolen in this Vannes office. Suspicion soon fell on a maintenance company, one of whose employees had just done a weekend cleaning, when all the occupants of the building had left. This was confirmed by the police investigation, when they systematically went to visit the managers of the consignment shops in Vannes. In one of them, they found the computer that was brought there and sold by an employee of this maintenance company for 180 euros.

60 days fines

A 40-year-old living in Van, with three convictions on his criminal record, the accused of theft did not appear in court on Monday, May 9, and was not defended by a lawyer. But in the face of the police, he asserted that “the computer was found on the floor at the entrance to the law firm.” This is not a reason to take it. The Public Prosecutor, who requested three suspended sentences, confirmed that the crime of theft is well established, especially as he admitted calling a computer specialist to change the password of the device so that he could sell it.

The judge decided to choose another course of sentencing, preferring to touch the purse of the offender, who was subsequently sentenced to a 60-day fine of 10 euros, which will turn into several days in prison if not paid.

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