Nantes: Valdemar Keita calms down the game in Compoire and future departure

“Antoine Compoire is free to say what he wants”

The French-Polish first said that he was proud of this trophy, without calling it his best memory since arriving on the banks of the Loire: “I accepted the second division team in a catastrophic situation and that was very difficult. But I am happy for the players, the coach, all the people who work at this club.”

When asked about Antoine Compoire, who admitted not having a good relationship with his boss after the match on Saturday night, Valdemar Keita calmed things down: He is free to say whatever he wants to say. It works for me, but today I don’t work with Antoine, it’s Frank (Keita, deputy general manager of FCN) who works. It’s a slight lack of courtesy, but we in football, some words we don’t master intellectually. »

If he doesn’t seem to question his coach’s future, who is he At the helm of the Canary Islands for nearly 15 years, he preferred to specify that it would be necessary to wait until the end of the tournament to assess the season.

Bundy’s home country shouldn’t be the only departure and the head of the Yellow and Green party knows it. However, he claims that he does not have Give exit tickets to anyone » Although according to him, “We must not slow down players like Blas or Girotto. » The entrepreneur, on the other hand, did not want to discuss possible arrivals and the budget for the upcoming season, but assures this: “We have to give ourselves the means to make it work.”

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