Indie’s Lies: Slay The Spire-style roguelike hits mobile and PC

Did you like MegaCrit nugget? See you on September 23, because India’s lies seem right for you.

The roguelikes genre has gained some great video game nuggets in recent years. In 2017, MegaCrit hit hard with Slay The Spire (StS). This excellent roguelike developed and promoted the idea proposed by Dream Quest in 2014, and it has been a huge success. Since then, the principles of this game based on building playing cards have been adopted and adapted to all kinds of sauces. The genre should soon welcome a very promising new actor, with Indies’ Lies.

StS fans should not be confused. The impact of the title is undeniable. It is immediately felt in the interface as in the graphic style. In terms of gameplay, the principle should be very close to the founding father.

According to TouchArcade, the developers are looking to make this genre more accessible to beginners. It is true that these games can be quite complex, which can discourage newcomers. But this complexity is also the salt of the genre, and the studio is well aware of it. So the goal is not to offer a watered-down version. Func Games wants to keep all the intensity and number of possibilities, but make a real educational effort to make it as affordable as possible.

Mobile first, then Steam in December

The title will appear on Android and iPhone on Thursday, September 23. It will also arrive on PC later, on December 21st. Let be the inverse path with respect to StS; The title has already started its adventure on PC. He had a portable version after the event, but it was unfortunately wobbly. In the case of Indies Lies, on the other hand, we can expect an even better experience on both platforms upon release.

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It is already possible to pre-register the Android version on this is the address. For the iOS version, it is Here That it happens. Steam version will be available Here.

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