Why the Apple Watch Series 7 keyboard is already so controversial

The Apple Watch Series 7 has barely been made official, it’s already at the center of the controversy. The Apple brand has already integrated a keyboard on its watch that appears to have been inspired by a third-party app, FlickType. However, this service has been banned from the App Store by Apple. explanations.


Ironically, Apple typed the word “copy” using the Watch Series 7 keyboard during its presentation // Source: Apple

This is a situation that can tarnish the brand image of Apple. else continuous watch Presented by the Cupertino Company, Watch Series 7, finds itself at the center of a controversy pointing the finger at potentially shady practices. More specifically, the built-in keyboard is the subject of discussion.

It should be remembered that the Apple Watch Series 7 relies heavily on its more comfortable screen that can better display content and provide a keyboard for text entry. Except that the keyboard in question looks similar to that of the third-party FlickType app (in terms of design and word prediction). Even now, some may correctly say that it is common in the world of technology Inspires What does the competition do? Besides, it’s hard to create a keyboard like no other. However, the big problem here is that Apple removed FlickType from the App Store before it finally made its own keyboard. This calls into question healthy competition.

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Apple’s questionable practices noted

To fully understand the story, you have to go back a few episodes. Launched in 2018, FlickType is initially an iPhone app Access Tools Visually impaired people so that they are not obstructed when entering text. In January 2019, developer Kosta Eleftheriou met with Apple officials to offer them a version of the keyboard made for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 7

L’Apple Watch Series 7 // Source: Apple

According to Kosta Eleftheriou’s account, his interlocutors really liked the technology – and the few mistakes it made – and believed that it would significantly enrich the user experience on connected Apple Watches. However, instead of making a purchase offer to him, Apple then sent a message to the developer telling him that their app had been removed from the App Store. Reason: Apple Watch keyboards were eventually not authorized because they did not meet the standards required by the App Store.

«Specifically, the app is a keyboard for the Apple Watch. For this reason, your app will be withdrawn from sale on the App Store for the time being.‘,” we read in the message from Apple shared by the FlickType creator.

So far we know. See you in court @An apple. https://t.co/hJtPI2Z83J pic.twitter.com/1s7MUSLTpc

– Costa Eleftherio (Keleftheriou) September 14, 2021

It wasn’t until a year later that Apple finally reauthorized the app, but the damage was done. Costa Eleftherio believes that this delay has caused a major deficit. This is how the developer is suing the multinational in March 2021. He accuses the company of doubling down on illegal obstacles to prevent FlickType from properly displaying to users to force it to sell its technology to a third party at a discount. All of this, he said in his complaint, has allowed a large number of fraudulent keyboard apps to thrive in the App Store.

FlickType is blocked again

The story does not end there. Last August, FlickType was again banned from the App Store after updating the app to fix some bugs and improve voice input. “But Apple refused. They again claim erroneously that our keyboard extension does not work without “full access”, which they refused three years ago. At the time, we successfully appealed and overturned their decision, and there has been no problem since. until today».

But Apple refused. They incorrectly argued again that our keyboard extension doesn’t work without “full access”, something they rejected three years ago. At the time, we successfully appealed the decision and overturned it, and that hasn’t been a problem since. So far.

– FlickType Watch keyboard (FlickType) August 16, 2021

The nine attempts to make contact to appeal the decision would have been in vain. This has prompted Kosta Eleftheriou to throw in the towel by ditching the iPhone version of his app.

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dog picture?

This is the context in which the Apple Watch Series 7 and its built-in keyboard which is similar to that of FlickType were announced. Kosta Eleftheriou’s above tweet clearly indicates that he will add this element to his complaint. “go to courtwrite elsewhere.

If the facts mentioned by the developer are correct, it may seriously damage the Apple image. Because, if we sum up, the company would have used false arguments to throttle a third-party app on its App Store so that it could finally incorporate very similar functionality into its latest major release. This inevitably creates bad press. Remember that the similarity between the two keyboards is not up for debate, but rather the alleged anti-competitive actions that Apple has taken against FlickType.

Also, let’s underline the fact that Apple’s policy on its App Store has already been heavily criticized and upset. During the lawsuit against Epic Games.

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