Instagram: Discover the new Stories web interface

As announced at the start of the year, Instagram launched its new interface for its stories on its web version. Now users can see the stories appear in a circle. A feature that makes the social network more attractive on the computer.

Few super folks were able to test this new interface in December 2020. From now on, the change of Instagram stories is available for all social network users. In its web version, Instagram now displays stories in a carousel, allowing netizens to view upcoming videos in advance.

This design is more suitable for display on social network website. Prior to this update, stories viewed via a computer were shown in full screen, similar to a mobile app. It is impossible to know which story or account will follow. With this new interface, users can preview upcoming videos without directly watching them. They can also press pause on the video, and choose to manually skip to the next video, or allow it to play automatically. Internet users can also choose to click on any story to watch it, without following the timeline displayed.

Instagram continues to improve its functionality, especially by developing its “Reels” videos, in the spirit of TikTok. By adapting its website, the platform Mark Zuckerberg runs wants to compete with its competitors who already offer a modified web version. The Story format is now offered by all major platforms, whether on mobile or on computers.

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