MXGP 2020 test, very ambitious game

MXGP 2020 is the official game for Motocross World Championship 2020 and we were able to try it out in testing. A title with promising ideas on paper, but it strives to express and realize them.

Once is not usual, let’s start at the end. If we had to summarize this MXGP authoring, it must already be said that the developers may have done so Your eyes are slightly larger than your stomach In certain aspects. In any case we have seen this address De MilestoneIt was tested on PS4 and available for a few days on next generation consoles.

The first MXGP was already built on a simple and stable mechanism, accessible to everyone, whether for driving, or gaming experience, … Over time, all of this has clearly evolved, often improving in particular with MXGP Pro and 2019. But that’s MXGP 2020 marks A wrong step in this progress. The game’s philosophy looks good on paper, but unfortunately it isn’t It is not copied well in practice.

Follow us, MXGP 2020 test we have now!

Gameplay has been poorly calibrated

This is particularly the case on the steering side and is felt at the joystick. Let’s face it, learning a motorcycle game is rarely easy. Often the error causes the failure. As in real life, you have to go through this to learn. This is what we find in games like TT Isle of Man, which challenge your nerves.

On the contrary, MXGP might appear to be a more open title. However, this is not the case in this authoring Feeling is more simulated. This is mainly seen in acceleration, which requires patience and some caution. In fact, the rear wheel slides easily, which can cause it to fall.

” why not “, You will tell me. The problem here is whether or not the experimental aid is, The differences are not felt. Beginners will also be easily deceived, while those looking for difficulty will not be served. The beautiful bend entrance quickly turns into an ice rink session, once you have to wander around. It’s all accompanied by a horrific noise … the rustle of leaves (?) Is like everything except the sound of the earth being thrown by a wheel.

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Sensations are largely absent from the MXGP 2020 test

At the same time, the general behavior of the motorcycle is quite harsh. In controls, The player does not feel like on a motorcycle, To be able to turn it in all directions for avoidance and maneuver, but to wander. The feeling is running through difficulty. This is more crying in hops, when it comes to doing a scrub. It is difficult to know what will happen, where the machine will land, and at what mile. Especially since the pilot regularly leaves the frame of the screen during these maneuvers. Does not help …

Even more surprisingly, the AI ​​also appears to have these sense difficulties. Like us, there are many who miss turns or falls. We’re not talking about some bugs here and there, But from the succession of failures, changes of course, falls, … Especially on the easier levels. AI systems being slow and falling at times is one thing, and missing nearly every turn is another. To say, we kind of took High kick In the middle of a turn by a competitor after missing a rut.

And all this is a shame because, when they stay on their wheels, the AI ​​systems are effective. Whatever their level, they are capable of it Challenge a pilot or suggest an interesting challenge. All while maintaining a dose of aggressiveness that would make some ticks. But it’s a motocross, it’s the game and that’s fine!

The graphics go too far

This lack of sensation is harmful because it distorts an experienceWell designed game. So the whole graphical aspect is successful. Various weather conditions can be seen, between rain, dry parts, sand or mud. Thankfully, because again, in the console, the changes are minor.

As for pilots and motorbikes, their design remains fun and refined as ever. All the details are there This is especially noticeable in portrait mode, when zoomed in. This same mode also allows for fun photo capture quite easily, with clay projection modeling into account.

But the big black bridge lies in the fact that with such detail and subtlety, the game sometimes has a great deal of difficulty managing everything. In peloton, the fall of fps is regular, with The impression of full race performance in stopping traffic. Even on the menus, there are common small slowdowns …

Career Mode … it isn’t

To continue our lack of sensations, we must deal with the various game modes. Like any good racing game, MXGP offers the classics What is profession, trial time, Grand Prix, etc. This is particularly complemented by Playground which is a free map to explore, as well as a circuit editor.

And the impression that still emerges is that This is very little. All modes remain very basic, Like Carrière. The latter is in itself just a series of Grand Prix racing without any real link or intrigue. The “contract” aspect is minimal and has no use at all. A sponsor has been added for our suit and bike when we ride our team. This complements the many customization options a little, and stops there.

To sum up this MXGP 2020 review, quantity trumps quality

The same goes for trial time, for example. The latter does not offer any comparison with the best times on the Internet or ghosts that can be measured, the challenges with real pilots, … it’s simply a matter of the course sequence, without much more, without much interest.

The lowest quality, however, is the Playground mode. The terrain itself is interesting but offers few challenges, with errors in places. Thus creating a coordinate event is very limited. The player can also perform various races on pre-defined circuits against the AI. But, once again, FPS drops are huge and particularly unpleasant.

Finally, the circuit editor is quite specific to learning. We must, in fact, understand the specifics of the sites on which our tours are built. This isn’t necessarily simple, it takes some time to adjust. Maybe you’d better be able to unleash your imagination. Especially since some errors sometimes appear …

To finish this test, MXGP 2020 finally offers an online multiplayer mode. There is not much to complain about. The races follow each other very quickly and smoothly, which is a good point. But, once again, Lacks extravagance.

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