Introduced DyeMansion’s Powershot Performance Series

Munich-based company DyeMansion will present its new Powershot Performance series of additive manufacturing at an interactive online event at the end of March. This is equipped with the modern automation technology from Siemens. We present all the information known today about DyeMansion’s 3D industrial print automated post-processing solution.


As part of an interactive online event, you are invited to the manufacturer of post-processing solutions based in Planegg-Munich Dye On March 24, 2021, participants were invited to learn about the new Powershot Performance 3D printing systems through a live digital experience. There will also be Deep Dive Tech Talk and data from partners like Siemens. After the event, participants have the opportunity to book on-site “Powershot Live Experience Tours” at the locations of Planegg-Munich and Austin, Texas.

Felix Ewald, CEO and co-founder of DyeMansion explains:

“On March 24th, we’ll showcase what we’ve worked on over the past few years. The new Powershot Performance Series will advance the additive manufacturing process and strengthen our position as a partner for the factory of the future.”

New Powershot Performance Series like this DyeMansion VaporFuse Powerfuse S. Equipped with the latest automation technology from Siemens. The Powershot Performance Series is a new step in the strategic partnership between Siemens and DyeMansion. Its goal is additive manufacturing. On Formnext Connect, Siemens, EOS, and DyeMansion introduced their virtual reference plant for mass production using 3D printing.

Powershot promotional photo series
The new Powershot Performance Series will be presented at an online event on March 24th (Photo © DyeMansion).

Philip Kramer, chief technology officer and co-founder of DyeMansion says:

“During the product development process, we worked closely with major service providers and printer manufacturers. We translated your requirements into our new systems, which are future proof of the next step in further manufacturing. This will be a major driver in turning future plant concepts into reality.”

More information will be provided on March 24. More about the new Powershot Performance Series is available from DyeMansion contacts or local DyeMansion sales partners. The registration for the world premiere is Via this link Maybe. As usual, you will also receive summary information in the 3D unlimited magazine (subscribe to the newsletter).

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