Amazon changes the app icon after the Nazi scandal

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Amazon automatically changed the icon for its recently redesigned smartphone shopping app again. The reason for the new modification is “User Notes”.

Amazon only changed its shopping app icon at the end of January. Instead of the previous shopping cart with the word logo, you should now create an icon that triggers links with the parcel packaging used by Amazon. You can see a cardboard box with the arrow marked for the transmitter and blue duct tape applied with a standard dispenser.

The Nazi comparison corrupted Amazon’s intent

Satire quickly became loud on social media and online media as well. For many, the resemblance to Adolf Hitler was so pronounced that the British Sun Even the headline: “You can’t Naziha!” This is a phonemic distortion of “you can’t see”, that is, “you can’t see.” The statement aims to make it clear that everyone who has previously heard the appropriate association cannot see anything else in it again.

The new code has only been rolled out on iOS devices in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Since the end of February, Amazon has been rolling out the new logo across all platforms around the world – and offering another surprise.

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Without further notice, the e-commerce giant has modified its logo again these days. The parcel bar symbol has remained, but is now less rough and best misunderstood as a mustache. Instead, it now looks like you have stuck a sticker on the package and then bend it in one corner.

The slight deformation of the serrated parcel tape was closer to the reality of parcel optics than the inconspicuous present-day symbolism. In fact, Amazon imagined that customers would first see the premium package on their smartphones and then on their doors.

And therefore Let the new icon design “To stimulate anticipation, excitement and joy when customers begin their shopping journey on their phones, just as they do when they see our packages on their doorstep.”

These were the considerations of Amazon marketers when the decision to “defuse” the slogan was taken. It should come as no surprise if Amazon introduced a completely different logo in a relatively short time.

Because the current version is neither half nor complete in terms of design.

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