Introductory UserTest Capabilities to Test Metaverse and Virtual Reality Experiences

User Test, the leader in video-based human analytics, released new models For its Human Insight platform that allows companies to get quick, subscribeable feedback from any metaverse or virtual reality (VR) user, including those using Meta (formerly Facebook).

Pre-designed Test and Inspiration Templates to gather feedback for more use cases, from more people Designed by research experts, UserTesting templates provide ready-to-use question templates that can be used as is or customized to suit an organization’s exact testing requirements.

UserTesting New paradigms from the metaverse and VR Enable companies that create metaverse / VR games, products and other experiences to quickly get feedback from users in the form of Customer Experience Stories (CxN) Video recordings of real users who have chosen to share their opinions and experiences while performing a pre-set series of online tasks and instructions.

With the addition of these new VR/metaverse templates, UserTesting’s Human Insight platform now offers over 100 pre-built test templates that organizations can use to inspire and jump-start their testing efforts. UserTesting has also released several new and expanded features designed today to help organizations more easily reach new audiences, develop new use cases, and improve their use of the core UserTesting platform.

Ability to tap into important information from new audiences

UserTesting’s Invite Network feature allows organizations to capture the insights and experiences of their network of contacts by sharing a user-testing link with them. This new product release simplifies the advocacy network feedback process with a seamless logging tool that allows organizations to quickly and easily solicit feedback from anyone — for example, employees, customers/clients, prospects, and partners — on any browser, without installing any software. As a result, organizations can, for example, perform direct objection tests more easily and gather quick feedback by adding a dedicated link to internal communication channels, emails, chat bots and in-app messaging.

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UserTesting has added powerful new rating capabilities to its template gallery on the platform that allow users to filter templates based on criteria such as testing methodology, project stage (i.e. needs discovery, validation and refinement of ideas, audience engagement, website optimization/conversions, etc.) or role Or the type of asset, so they can better align testing efforts with business goals more broadly for the organization.

Optimize usage monitoring and optimization

The new usage and history dashboard helps customers test the new user flexible model Pricing Plan Better track, monitor and manage UserTesting usage across their organizations with increased visibility into factors such as overall testing capacity and usage per team member or workspaceas.

Andy MacMillan, PDG de UserTesting
Our new templates can help an organization get quick, sable feedback from real users on how their products and services appear in Meta Horizon Worlds (or any metaverse), what those users value in these experiences, and how those users prefer and expect to do business in this environment. emerging.

and Van de Loe, CTO chez UserTesting
All of this is extremely important in today’s world where customer attitudes and behaviors are constantly changing, because companies that truly understand what their customers think and feel can offer products, applications, and services that win and retain customers.

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