iOS 14.4: Apple reveals upcoming innovations

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Mainly bug fixes

Apart from that, iOS 14.4 allows the camera to read smaller QR codes. In the future, users could assign Bluetooth devices connected to their smartphones to specific categories of devices. This should facilitate pairing with different tools that are not automatically recognized. At this point, the list of things that Apple calls improvements ends. Other changes are related to removing known bugs. Accordingly, the photos on HDR photos taken with iPhone 12 Pro should be a thing of the past. This also applies to delays in keyboard input and wrong keyboard display in Messages.

IOS 14.4 resolves the CarPlay launch issue

In Fitness Tool, you shouldn’t have problems with activity data that wasn’t updated using iOS 14.4. Can’t answer calls on lock screen after switch control is activated? It shouldn’t happen again in the future! Last but not least, Apple has resolved the issue of stopping sound from Messages app in CarPlay mode. This phenomenon occurs occasionally when playback is interrupted by voice commands or the use of Siri. It is not known when iOS 14.4 will be available to all users.

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