Microsoft Flight Simulator lands in virtual reality

No time now?

Microsoft Flight Simulator appears to be the perfect game for a virtual reality experience. But so far, fans have had to be patient. The October closed beta now follows the launch of the virtual reality mode.

This news will please Microsoft Flight Simulator fans and VR headset owners alike: the popular flight simulator will finally get VR mode after its release in mid-August. This allows players to feel like real pilots when they can look around in their cockpit.

Like developers In a video that was broadcast on Twitch It was announced that full support for VR headsets will be released on Steam in December. The exact start date is planned for December 22nd. VR support has been running in closed beta since October, during which pilots were able to fly in virtual reality, but it was not possible to make entries in the menus. That should change with the release of the official version. All menus and interfaces will be recognized on the VR glasses screen. To plan the route before starting, it is no longer necessary to remove the glasses and you can start right away.

More updates planned

Originally, the VR version, already built at community request only, was supposed to run on Windows Mixed Reality headsets like the HP Reverb 2, but Microsoft called for the project. Thus Flight Simulator works on all VR glasses from any Steam compatible manufacturer.

The third Global Update is also slated to take place on January 26, 2021. Great Britain has been revised this time and airports and landmarks will be shown in more detail in the future. So far, this type of update was already available for Japan and the USA. Helicopters will also find their way into the flight simulator. The French developers at Asobo are already working on a paid extension for the simulator. It is not currently known when this could be purchased.

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