IPhone 12 failed with the most important feature

Awkward, really embarrassing for Apple. This is a slap in the face, because as a new study now proves, the iPhone 12 fails the most important advantage against the bundled Android competition. In the beginning, the reasons for this remain in the dark.

With iPhone 12 (mini) and iPhone 12 Pro (Max), Apple is catching up with Android’s competition on paper and introducing 5G speed for the first time. At a presentation last year, the American manufacturer recognized this fact and lavishly announced it. The fifth generation network This is without a doubt The most important feature of Apple’s current generation of smartphones. It’s just stupid if the job doesn’t really convince against the competition.

Apple and 5G: iPhone 12 is too late

This is his conclusion OpenSignal expertsBecause, once again, they examined the 4G and 5G speeds that could be achieved in US cellular networks. So the fastest 5G cell phone is the new one Samsung Galaxy S21 Average 56 Mbps. How much can it do IPhone 12 For comparison? silly 36.9 Mbps. But even more embarrassing is the fact that 24 additional Android smartphones between the two Stand – all this is better than Apple’s latest mobile phone. What Spanks And a little surprising, too.

Currently the fastest 5G smartphone is by no means from Apple:

Apple was already struggling with performance issues in the 4G network, but the explanation was clear. Intel’s modems weren’t good enough against Qualcomm’s competitors’ models. With the iPhone 12 (currently from € 825 on Amazon), Apple is now also installing Qualcomm’s 5G modems. Ergo: Compared to its 4G predecessors, the iPhone 12 takes an important step forward, but in a direct comparison to 5G it is still behind Android’s competition. Why is it so?

Why does Apple fail?

The actual verifiable reasons remain unknown, but OpenSignal’s Ian Fogg has a guess. It could mean that Samsung and other Android manufacturers are getting ahead of Apple because of their companies Antenna design Only the best. The modem does not only affect the transmission and reception performance. Apple still has to catch up, as Samsung already offers the third generation of 5G mobile phones, while Apple currently only has the first generation. In short: the competition simply has more competition Experience leadership.

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