WhatsApp, How to change voice in vowels: Trick

There is a way to change the voice of the WhatsApp audio text you send to friends, relatives and more: Tricks to do it

You are also among those who want to send biographies throughout the day Share Instead of writing? Want to make fun of friends or relatives? In this regard, we tell you that there is an opportunity to change your voice in audio messages. To do this, you must first download an application for: Android Is there Voice converter, When iOS Is there Voice Charger Plus.

First, it is very simple to use, allowing you to use an audio filter on a previously recorded voice or record the voice directly with a modified tone. There are many effects: from robots to Mars, ghosts and giants go through. Once you have edited the audio, share it Share.

Further Voiche Charge Plus It is very immediate and intuitive about its use. Click the red button and select from the available filters (this item is included Darth Vader) Then sign up and share with the people you like.

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Comes with WhatsApp, fast voice playback

WhatsApp Revolution

The new feature is coming soon Share, Which allows you to speed up long messages that you can not fully hear. In the latest beta, experts WaBetaInfo They invented innovation Android That iOS, Can increase reproduction speed beyond designation x1.

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A great way to avoid dragging out notes we don’t want to hear is to make it easier to ask friends who can talk a little.

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