iPhone customers are more likely to go to iPad than Mac

iPhone owners are more likely to keep buying from Apple to outfit themselves with an iPad rather than a Mac, according to a US study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

The vast majority of the 900 respondents (90%), who bought an iPhone between June 2020 and June 2021, have a computer (90%). 41% of them chose a Mac, mostly portable, while the bulk of the package went to PCs or Chromebooks.

It’s just the opposite with the iPad. Tablets are present in 79% of people, and it is the iPad that won the vote, monopolizing 84% of these sales. The same goes for smart watches. 65% of respondents own an Apple Watch, and their choice is three-quarters of the priority. For wireless headphones, AirPods monopolize 50% of sales.

On the other hand, Apple’s streaming boxes and connected speakers did not raise, these customers largely preferred competing solutions.

There may be some logic in a few of these choices. Naturally, it will accompany the iPhone with the Apple Watch which will be much better integrated than any of its competitors, moreover, the first prices are now more affordable. The same goes for AirPods whose popularity has become well established.

For the iPad, when you are looking for a good tablet to extend your iPhone experience to a larger format, the range is diverse and the products are effective. It’s hard to find an opponent to measure…

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