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At the Gamescom 2021 event, Konami unveiled a new one Video game And published many details and features eFootball, New football simulation experience from PES and Winning Eleven creators.

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Ball control

Players can control the force of touching the ball and determine the hopping speed; From first control to ball passing, like in the real world. Also, on the PS5, eFootball would be a plus Hoptic perception and adaptive stimuli Feel the difference in the player’s movements. This unique DualSense feature will be included in a post-release update.

Cheating on the guard

Thanks to the player’s excellent control over the ball, every action becomes a mental game *. Can be executed with a variety of intuitive commands Hopping and sensations. Together, these actions will excite any fight for both the attacker and the defender. * This feature will be added in the post-release update.

Create opportunities to steal the ball

Players can block the opponent’s shot with their body or feel the opponent’s movements, thus intercepting the pass. Of course, stealing the ball close to the opponent’s goal will create important chances to hit the net.

Physical conflicts

eFootball truly recreates the movement of physical conflicts, the most important in real football, an introduction Payment command For physical protection. In addition, attacking team players can use melee to play ball, making attacking and defensive play more active.

Take an accurate shot

Option to allow you to upload “Accurate shooting“*, Having new animations will make the game more technical and exciting. Players will be able to make special kicks like precise cross, quick pass and soaring shots. It will take more time to do these new actions. Why should players make more use of the opportunities that arise during competition. * Will be included in a later update

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Focus on 1vs1 matchesThe eFootball Development Team explored real-world football tactics to develop new win / lose rules for “1vs1” matches. Thanks for the technology Motion MatchingThe game monitors the movement of each player and evaluates the ball, speed of movement, physical direction, physical abilities and more in real time. These win / lose rules work in conjunction with the player’s movement and make the game more realistic, including referee decisions.

Improved team game tactics and new controls

Team tactics are an important part of football, which is whyArtificial intelligence Players without the ball have been updated. This, combined with the new offensive and defensive restrictions, will allow players more freedom of play.

A new room: Fight

New room “Fight“Zoom in on the player while engaging in 1vs1 competition and enjoy the 1vs1 action from close distance at the right time.

General improvements

New animation system Motion Matching Makes players’ movements more fluid and natural. Also, thanks to the cooperation of a research institute, the movement of the ball has also been significantly improved. Finally, thanks to the uninterrupted restart system the action does not stop during the competition.

Additional information on game modes, licenses, mobile devices, release dates, and more will be announced in September.

With so many changes this year, we believe it is important for players to first understand the emotions that can be expressed on our football field – based on a very realistic and genuine interest in the game. Decades of experience poured into eFootball in creating PES and winning eleven titles aimed at reaching football fans around the world. This is the beginning of a unique journey and we have great plans for the future“, commented Seitaro Kimura, producer of the eFootball series.

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We remind you that football can be played for free all over the world autumn season, Initially PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam, soon it will be available for iOS and Android devices.

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