Is your computer lagging? Do a big clean up to save space!

By importing files and modifying their content every day, computer crash! It is full and no longer working like the first day. A good cleaning will save space and thus run faster. Indeed, when your device lacks free space on the hard disk and in the system memory (which manages its operation), affect its performance and It can no longer install updates that are needed for it to work properly.

Current Operating Systems (OS) such as Microsoft Windows 11 or Apple macOS Monterey Incorporating “self-cleaning” tools That improve their operations, but they won’t themselves delete the useless files cluttering up your computer. Here’s how to free up space on your PC or Mac.

Clean your PC on Windows 10 or 11

  1. in bWindows taskbar search stops at the bottom (small magnifying glass), write “Disk Cleanup‘, then select Disk Cleanup in the displayed results.
  2. Choose the drive you want to clean if you have more than one (you can clean them all one by one), then select Okay.
  3. under Files to deleteselect the files you want to get rid of, then Click OK. By default, the Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, and Thumbnails options are selected. If you’re not sure which files to delete for fear of doing something stupid, select the file so Microsoft shows more information about it.
  4. Good to know: Windows 10 and 11 Includes storage assistant Which by itself will remove unnecessary files from your computer. To activate this wizard, Click on the Windows Start menu, then Settings, then System, then Storage. Activate the processor and then select its operating cycle.

Clean your PC on macOS Monterey *

  1. To optimize your hard drive, tap Left top applethen on About this Mac.
  2. Click on Storage ListYou will then have an image to organize your hard drive.
  3. Click the Manage button To enter simple hard drive optimization settings. Your computer offers several procedures here to clean and reorganize files.
  4. * If your Mac is older, it will probably offer you to download the version of OS Monterey, to check, go to apple listAnd Regarding from this mac.

Clean your computer with specialized software

To proceed with optimizing and cleaning your PC, PC or Mac, There are free or paid programs that are easy to use and very powerful. This program will take care of your device and alert you as soon as you need to act so that everything works as well as possible, for example, if the hard disk is too full, or the useful memory for booting (RAM) is saturated. They will also give you a detailed overview of any actions or files that can slow down your computer and how to simply fix them.

on the computer: CCleaner, for download from the Microsoft Store from your computer. The free version of the software is the first step to cleaning your hard drive and the paid version (24.95€/year) can manage your software update, eliminate junk files and completely clean your PC.

On a Mac: CleanMyMac, it can be downloaded from Mac App Store (39.99€/year). This tool is a reference for optimizing the operation of Apple computers. It provides about thirty tools to properly manage storage, but also to protect your computer from malware.

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