Warcraft comes to mobile with a game reveal on May 3

At the beginning of March, Blizzard gave the dates for the future of its flagship license. After extending to hearthstoneand another for world of cansIt’s time to discover the smartphone version of this universe. Cans It lands on mobile, and if it’s not a huge announcement in and of itself, the game intends to reveal more on May 3. Chance to get a first look at the gameplay, and maybe even discover the release date.

How do you follow an advertisement? Cans cell phone

After exploring the world of Diablo on mobile, it’s your turn Cans to pass it to the skillet. The appointment is set for Tuesday, May 3, in the evening, on a dedicated website. No need for Twitch or YouTube for this ad, Blizzard planned it out.

  • advertisement – Tuesday May 3, 7:00 pm (French time)

What can we expect from the announcement?

Blizzard hasn’t really talked about what this game will be like, or even about what to expect from it. However, it will make it possible to explore and exploit the universe in greater depth Cans. However, the release date may interfere with the announcement, in order to make players salivate. In terms of gameplay, Blizzard can allow itself to play a gacha game, after entering the Mercenaries mode turned on. hearthstone, discuss the basics of the genre. But the game depends on clan clash It is also possible, this style has already proven its profitability.

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