“It looks like you are …”: Watch out for this dangerous message circulating on Facebook Messenger

A phishing campaign is rife on Facebook and Messenger. A message purportedly from a friend hides a link to a fraudulent video. There is still little information about the damage this message can cause, but it is clearly recommended that you do not click on the individual link it contains.

A phishing campaign is currently spreading on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. It consists of a message, presumably from a friend, that begins with “It looks like you …” a strange web link that complements the post and the reports. Cyber ​​warfare This Friday the 12th of March.

The link appears to point to a video. If the user clicks on it, a fake YouTube page opens and the attack is triggered. Then the victim himself becomes a vector for the spread of a phishing campaign, because his account spreads the same message to his entire friend list.

“Looks like you are … ud83d udc94”: On Facebook Messenger, don’t click on extraneous links.
Facebook’s phishing campaign is an opportunity to invoke a basic digital hygiene measure: if the link looks strange to you, don’t click on it! https://t.co/JOWNnsKNFJ

– Jonathan Chan ud83d udca1 ud83d udce3 (ChanPerco) March 13, 2021

Attack is still poorly understood

It’s hard to tell what damage this message did. As a precaution, tech media recommends changing your password on Facebook, if possible by making it more complicated and without reusing a password already used elsewhere, in order to get the intruder out.

If you get this message on social media, you can write to Cyber ​​warfare That seeks to collect the items to better understand how this phishing campaign works. It will also give better advice to those who clicked on the video link.

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