Samsung: The manufacturer’s most successful cell phone is not the Galaxy


The most successful Samsung phone ever is not a Galaxy. The best-selling Galaxy cell phone has also been around for a few years.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most successful Galaxy phone ever. Better sell another mobile phone from the manufacturer.

  • Samsung is the largest cell phone manufacturer in the world.
  • The company is known for its Galaxy smartphones.
  • The bestselling cell phone is not part of the series.

Samsung has become the largest mobile phone maker in the world with its Galaxy smartphones. But of all things, the manufacturer’s most successful cell phone to date is not the Galaxy series.

Samsung E1100, released in 2009, is a classic mobile phone in the so-called candy bar format. According to an appraisal Online encyclopedia of Wikipedia Samsung has sold around 150 million units so far worldwide.

Even the most successful Galaxy smartphone has a few years under its belt. According to the evaluation, it is the Galaxy S4 that appeared in 2013. Samsung sold around 80 million copies of this, even surpassing the success of the Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini, of which it exceeded 70 million copies.

However, the latest Galaxy S models sold increasingly poorly. The S9 and S10 only made half of the Galaxy S4 sales. On the other hand, Samsung has managed to gain ground in the cheaper models. The most successful Galaxy A models reach sales of 25 million. The discontinued Galaxy J series achieved a maximum of 6 million sales at the top.

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