It won: Microsoft to sell the Xbox Series X mini fridge | Xbox One

What would have been a big joke started in October 2020 when Snoop Dogg was seen unlocking the functional human-sized Xbox Series X fridge case. As recently as March, as if on a wave of nostalgia, Microsoft teamed up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to introduce a miniature version of the refrigerator that so far has only reached the homes of a few happy journalists and influencers.

This article published this morning was updated with new information from survey results.

Victory in injury time

After an intense showdown and after more than 340,000 votes, Xbox against Skittles won 50.5% in the “Brand Support” category of polls released by Twitter. So Aaron Greenberg logically declares that Microsoft will fulfill its promise and produce Xbox Series X refrigerators so fans can stock up on their cold drinks there. Since it does not require microprocessing, we shouldn’t have much trouble getting it, provided it arrives in France of course.

Today Aaron Greenberg proposes to finally put home appliances into production with the condition that they make Xbox win their confrontation with Skittles for the best branding support.

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