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It seemed like a joke what Munich police reported on April 1 of all places: Thieves stole a huge sum of money in a brazen robbery – in Bitcoin. Real-world crime, to be more precise: in a parking lot in Hasenbergl, Munich, looting, a cryptocurrency circulating on the Internet, how should that go together? It looks like it worked because the news was not an April Fools’ joke. Everything happened over two weeks ago. Now, investigators from Criminal Police Department 21 have arrested the last suspect.

For an unspecified evening deal that was supposed to take place in a parking lot on Dülferstrasse, the victim had close to 100,000 euros, or about two bitcoins. In real life, you probably don’t have that much money in your pocket. But the man apparently believed his virtual treasure was safe, both online and in an e-wallet called a Bitcoin wallet.

But then the 29-year-old Berliner made the next fatal mistake. Show his cell phone with the just opened and opened e-wallet. At that moment, two of his business partners grabbed him, grabbed him, and took the cell phone out of his hand. The culprits accumulated in two cars. The 29-year-old manages to alert the police despite the cell phone theft. When looking for him, she stopped one of the escape cars with three suspected prisoners, aged between 21, 25 and 29, all three from Waldkraiburg in the Moldorf region, all of whom were known to the police. They came to custody.

The fourth alleged person involved in the other car managed to escape. However, detectives quickly knew who they were looking for – the 30-year-old Decryburger. The man was arrested in Munich on Wednesday. According to police, whose electronic wallet contains bitcoins, it is still under investigation.

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