iTest: Turn Samsung iPhone into Galaxy Smartphone!

With iTest, Samsung has now launched an interactive website experience that enables iPhone users to try Android on an iOS device. With the app, Samsung wants to encourage iPhone users to break out of their Apple bubble and try out the Samsung Galaxy device. Highlight it? You don’t have to change your smartphone. Within seconds, you can get a glimpse of the Android world using your iPhone. Samsung calls everything “tasteless” (tasteless).
If you have ITest site From Samsung, you will be prompted to add the web app to your iPhone home screen. But watch out: this only works from your smartphone. Once you do that, you can start the app like any other and try the Android interface. According to the English language site 9to5Mac You can do a lot with it, including browsing the Galaxy Store, changing themes and exploring the Samsung Camera app. Samsung also clarifies in advance that not every function can be reproduced. According to the tech giant, the whole thing serves the goal of iPhone users who realize that switching to the other side doesn’t have to be a deterrent …
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