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After more than sixty years in existence, Destins Backgammon has been modernized and is now adapted to today’s society. In its new version, the traditional options available to us during the game have given way to inclusion. Today anything goes, like getting married and having children. The difference? It is no longer mandatory. From now on, it is possible to organize your life just as you wish. This dust marks the beginning of a new era for gaming and for all board games based on certain clichés from society.

A comprehensive and up-to-date version

In this new edition of Fates, a family can consist of two parents, two mothers, or just one person. Players are free to have children or prefer to focus on their careers. On the entertainment side, it has been fully revised. Your dream is to become a YouTube? The game now lets you do just that. It is also possible to launch a crowdfunding campaign for equipment … the environment also plays a big role in this new fate. Cars are electric, homes are green, and there are missions to help protect the environment.

Marijn ter Hofsté, Hasbro Gaming Director, says:Fates was launched in 1960. Although many new versions of the board game have been released in recent years, it has never received such a comprehensive update before. This is important: advances in technology have increased jobs and families have changed. The new release of Destins is a reflection of modern society and will allow new generations to dream about their own fictional lives. “

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New plateau

In addition to updating life options, Hasbro took the opportunity to give the game a visual enhancement of the face. For example, the board is becoming more colorful and pawns are no longer only available in pink and blue, and two-color for game identification. A man and a woman, but also green, orange, yellow, or even purple. Thanks to all these changes, the game allows to have fun with the family while respecting the environment-oriented lifestyles and openness. In light of the current trend, re-uplifting of this genre is welcome. You are allowed to escape from confinement for the duration of the game. And who knows? Perhaps it will reveal new aspirations among the players.

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