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After Starfield was awarded, players around the world did not waste a single second and immediately began to think about it. Senior scrolls6, The next chapter of the fictional story Bethesda. On November 11, 2022, the science fiction game will be available if not late. But what is the release date of TES 6? Bethesda tells us, “It’s good to think the game is still there Design level“.

Todd HowardSpeaking to The Telegraph, he said, “New technology [di Starfield], Creation Engine 2, developed for both [i giochi]. This is a new key technology. Most of our development team is currently dedicated to Starfield, but everyone is working on everything, so the projects are somehow interconnected. It is good to think that the game is still in the design stage, but we are experimenting with technology. ”

Senior scrolls6

Howard explains that the team asks questions like “Can he handle the things we want to do in this game? Every game has some technical innovations, so the Elder Scrolls 6 will have some additions to the game.” Formation Machine 2 This will be required by the game. ”

So it seems that Elder Scrolls 6 is not very close and the development engine will be developed to pursue the aspirations of the game. Speaking of Starfield, we point out that the sandwich in the trailer has been recreated, and here is the recipe.

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