‘It’s Not Ready’, ‘My New Favorite Console’: Valve’s Steam Deck Splits the Press

Steam Deck is now available. Valve’s first portable console has begun shipping and the media has made a verdict. Obviously the product is splitting.

Steam Deck is now fact. It was tentatively expected at the end of last year, that Valve’s portable console would begin deliveries while the handling ban fell by the press on the evening of Friday, February 25. Through many tests, we quickly realize that the product is splitting. the edge It gives it, for example, a score of 6.5 out of 10, which regrets the problematic part of the program. when ribbed He prefers to remember the first impression and make it his new favorite console.

a A great console full of promise ‘, title on its part JVFR (8 out of 10). All journalists agree on one point: Steam Deck has proven potential. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like a very main console. It offers many possibilities for customization, but sometimes simple tweaks are necessary for everything to function fairly correctly.

SteamDeck will be compatible with various extensions // Source: valve

Steam Deck, or the console full of possibilities, but still perfect

If the device is too bulky, its grip is excellent ‘, refers to JVFR, which is reassuring for For measurements that make fear worse. “ Steam Deck reminds me of the Elite Xbox console. It’s a more expensive but higher quality upgrade to what’s already available. Sounds like a key, only better Adds a polygon. In terms of hardware ergonomics, we’re right there. Especially since it is possible to configure it at will to adapt it to the maximum number of games. Valve has not only built a high-quality product, but it’s also quite versatile.

However, you have to be careful about autonomy, which can quickly wear off if you push the graphics options too much. The Verge, for example, rates him at less than two hours as being very greedy. The media is all angry: “ It’s a weak point, but it’s not as bad as expected. I was able to play Control for 2 hours at 60 fps, with 60% brightness, but I was able to get to 4 hours when playing at 30 fps or less demanding games. We remind you that the first toggle switch did not work better The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Steam Deck, however, has a major problem with its fans, which keep blowing to cool the console (they manage to do this, at the cost of quite a bit of noise). A defect was also noted in JV . test bed.

Ni No Kuni on Steam Deck // Source: valve

Debug program part

Steam Deck is a website builder. It came out too fast, unfinished, buggy and unstable. If Valve sells its console to Best Buy or GameStop, people will return it immediately ‘, sorry over the edge. The software part is still off the mark, what Polygon says in the subtext when he writes: It’s a computer, for better and for worse. »

“Every day I was using Steam Deck, I had error messages, errors, crashes, black screens, or interface issues Are these youth issues? Perhaps, but anticipate the owners’ agonizing first weeks. As a bonus, there’s always the unknown in the library: Some titles work perfectly, others partially, or not at all.

When the magic happens, that is, when everything works perfectly, the Steam Deck is successful. Being able to take a good portion of the Steam catalog with you everywhere and start a game when you want is definitely magical. JV concludes. ” Even at this very early stage, Steam Deck really delivers what I would expect from a modern portable console. ‘, polygon rejoices. In short, there are definitely pros and cons.

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