It's official, the new Crazy Taxi game will be an open-world multiplayer service game | Xbox

We’ve been hearing about the return of the Crazy Taxi franchise for several months now. But while information about the title has been fairly elusive, SEGA has recently provided more details about the next iteration of the license.

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The new Crazy Taxi game will be a service game.

In a recently released video aimed at promoting the development teams behind the project, Sega Sapporo confirmed that the game will indeed be a service game set in a vast open world, as suggested last February through various rumors.

The studio also states that it had difficulty transitioning from a single-player game to a multiplayer game, but claims to have made “significant progress” in the development process.

The video below showcases several teams on the game, including those responsible for art direction and level design, as well as some gameplay snippets.

We see brief sequences with the police, while it has been confirmed that customization will play a significant role in the experience. In addition to your taxi, you should also be able to customize your character and we are obviously looking forward to discovering more about the game.

We'll also have to be patient as the studio is currently mainly looking to bolster its workforce and a release date has not been announced.

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