It’s the important day, vaccination becomes mandatory for caregivers

8:40 am: A woman from Nice is stuck in the Maldives

34-year-old Nisoise Fleur Blanchett was tested after a cruise in the Maldives, placed under house arrest in a hotel on an island, admittedly in heaven, but was asked for $2,100 and denied a new test. Report beautiful morning.

7:43 a.m.: “I’m kind of calm,” says Frederic Valio

“I’m kind of calm, they’ve played a game of vaccination, refractories who have individualistic and selfish behaviors,” Frederic Valio, president of the Federation of Hospitals in France, says on RTL this morning.

7:15 am: The doctor from Oise who faced Covid-19 before everyone closed his office

In CrĂ©py-en-Valois, doctor Philippe Pinello put the first French coronavirus victim on sick leave. While the vaccination obligation for caregivers goes into effect on Wednesday, it won’t open on Wednesday and wondering what to do next, Report Parisian.

6:50 a.m.: Sophisticated remote work is coming, but probably not for everyone

Covid has changed its habits: virtual reality meetings, smart speakers and cameras; Tech giants are now offering high-quality products to combine office and remote work, which could further widen the technology gap.
At the end of August, Facebook launched Horizon Workrooms, which created a virtual meeting room in which participants meet, in the form of an avatar, using an Oculus headset, at $300 each.

6:03 am: Historic curb on health spending in 2020

Health spending reached 209.2 billion euros last year, up 0.4%, “the weakest increase on record”, due to the highly contradictory effects of Covid, according to a report by Dres released on Wednesday.
He’s never seen one like him. In any case it has not been “since 1950, the first year available for health accounts”, assures the Statistical Service of Social Ministries.

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5:49 am: Compulsory vaccination for caregivers is now

It’s the important day! The commitment to a vaccine against Covid-19 for healthcare workers comes into effect from today in France. Hospitals, nursing homes, liberal caregivers, home assistants, firefighters, paramedics … In total, the action concerns 2.7 million people. To continue the practice, these specialists were required to receive at least one injection of the coronavirus vaccine before September 15.

According to the authorities’ latest report, prepared on September 7, just over 88% of caregivers received at least one dose in hospitals and nursing homes, and about 94% among liberals. But there are marked regional differences, and a minority is radically opposed to this vaccination obligation. Demonstrations took place on Tuesday, a day before the measure was implemented, in several cities in France.

5:47 am: The situation in the hospital continues to improve

The number of Covid patients in hospitals continues to decline, as well as the number of patients admitted to critical care, according to figures from Public Health France. Currently, 9,739 people with Covid are currently being treated in French hospitals (compared to 9,986 the day before). That number fell below the 10,000 mark on Monday, for the first time since August 15.

The decline was also confirmed in critical care services, which treat the most serious cases including intensive care: it has 2,000 patients (103 fewer than on Monday) including 577 new patients.

5:45 am: Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world.

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