Thank you to everyone who plays the game.

On Tuesday, September 21, at 7 p.m., all eyes will be on the Maison de la Pétanque as Raymond Le Manache and his interlocutors from Las Bordeaux have an appointment for a simply historical conference. But before talking about the National de Jeu Provençal again, let’s move on to the main chapter “Results and Prospects”.

What is your analysis of the trips our representatives took this summer from Bergerac to Capestany?

The results did not live up to our expectations, we should be able to admit that. Especially in Bergerac and Palavas-les-Flots, where we can talk about zero points. In Brittany the absence of the Salvetains was felt for the reasons you know, and even if the alternatives are left to that, the regret is there because the La Salvetat team had the weapons to look good. Fortunately, the youth of Fenule behaved well. For Montauban and Captian, I have mixed feelings, and I think there is room to do better. In turn, I am content with what happened upstream because organizing everything under conditions of irreparable regularity has not been won beforehand.

Do you want to express your gratitude?

Yes, sure, thanks to the clubs that keep the competitions and, in general, to all who play the game. A decision like the one to implement health card monitoring on all competitions, you know, can’t be taken lightly!

Tell us about the meeting of LASpordo with the great Alman on October 2 and 3?

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Lasbordes Club has responded positively to the sporting project’s exact criteria, which is the aid corresponding to half the endowment for all clubs creating nationally, taking into account arbitration and fee costs. This is the first year. In 2022, that assistance will rise to 25%, assuming the club in question will be over the last two years since it was a four-year plan. Likewise, I can tell you that the conversations with Roquefort have progressed well.

What inspires you to the workforce census in Haute-Garonne?

Our estimate is 8,700 redundant, with a loss of 2,400 compared to the prior year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is being saved and the health situation can only improve, and we hope to cross the 10,000 package mark next year. I think we have defined the damage well.

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