Jenshi’s impact erupts with negative reviews for first anniversary rewards –

Jenshi’s impact subject to a The bombardment of negative reviews Because of his rewards First Anniversary. Basically the community believes that is not enough to celebrate the event and accused the developer miHoYo of being stingy.

Dissatisfaction pouring shop Google Play Store, The rating of the game has dropped below two stars, for example, user Clahan H explains to us after giving the game a star:

This game is well done in graphics and all genres. But there is Tircia Publishing, which created this game, and we are talking about Mihoyo, which gave us a ten-piece pull for the anniversary, which made my nose turn. I tell you to be generous than other cats, the rewards will be generous.

Criticism from the same tone A star By Ricardo Singolani:

Great gameplay with beautiful graphics and a lot of fun, but Mihoyo exaggerates how stingy you can be. At the first annual closing ceremony they have a variety of competitions such as fan art, gospel and the like, but the rewards for the 1000 entrants are approximate and the humorous gems are won. So they advertise for free from the community: Congratulations Mihoyo, I would say this is enough to make us angry.

In short, the problem is that what is given to the players does not correspond to the significance of the event. If so who knows miHoYo He will run to cover up by increasing the rewards, or if he ignores it and allows the situation to normalize.

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