Johnny Godrow is driven by his defensive game

For Calgary Flames head coach Jeff Ward, the success of striker Johnny Godrow is due to two reasons: his defensive play and strength play.

After a season below his benchmarks in 2019-2020, Gaudreau has recovered from the start of the campaign. He had five goals and nine points in seven matches before Monday’s duel against the Winnipeg Jets.

When asked about this resurgence, Ward argued that the midfield’s flawless defensive play allowed his streak to wield the disc more often, thus attempting more play.

“It was a good game, and so it happened [son trio] Most nights, “We were never disappointed after the match,” Ward said at a video conference Monday afternoon in the defensive zone. What they do in the defensive zone and the neutral zone away from the disc allows them to recover it very quickly and allows them to play more with the disc. “

“I think he’s playing right now and he’s really focused on the details of his defensive match,” said Dillon Dubey. It was such a pleasure to be on the bench and watch him a lot, and you take a lot of notes to watch him as he is one of the most offensive players in the league.


While Gaudreau plays well five against five, there is no doubt that he is also confident when on the ice in the power game. He has so far scored three goals and six points with at least one player. The main interested party also believes that this aspect of the game is a major factor in its success.

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So, with these two elements, Ward thinks it’s only natural that his star is at the top of his game.

“With those two components, I think he was able to find the rhythm that he has now,” Ward explained. We are very satisfied with the performance of this trio, especially its performance. It has been good since day one. “

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