Jujutsu Kaisan fans discover the secret to a villain’s language

Jujutsu Kaisen Fans have discovered the secret of a villain’s mysterious language! The debut season of Gege Akutami’s original manga series Fall 2020 took over the anime season, introducing both main character Yuji Itadori and fans into the dark new world of enemies. Cursed spirits are introduced as monsters in the series, A few of them have ended up standing on top of the food chain There they became as strong and intelligent as the Jujutsu witches they fought. But one thing was strangely puzzling.

One of these cursed spirits spoke strangely and fans were able to actually figure out what this mysterious language was. As mentioned by gfstach in Reddit, This mysterious cursed spirit really speaks backwards, even more noticeable in the English dub when you play it upside down. Below you can see how it works:

In the jujutsu kaisen anime, weird monster speaking backwards, you can understand him by the English dub! From r / anime

In the first half of the animation debut season, This cursed spirit is introduced along with Keto, Mahido and Joko. The other three are able to take some kind of action Jujutsu KaisenThe first court of episodes, this final spirit has not yet made his move following the saving of Joko. Without giving too much, the name of the spirit is Hanami, of course we will see him make his move soon in the anime adaptation.

As for when the anime will return, episode 14 of Jujutsu Kaisen Following the brief break for the holiday season, January 15th will be the primary. When it returns, it will not only be the second court of its debut season, But it will start a new curve, which will introduce all sorts of new allies, enemies and more, and anime fans will surely follow the success of that first half.

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But what do you think about this invention? Curious to see what this villain will be like Jujutsu KaisenFuture animation? What do you want to see from this villain when the anime returns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can contact me directly about animation and other awesome things Twitter Valdeology on Twitter!

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