A UI 3.1 leak reveals key Galaxy S21 Ultra features

The cat finally got out of the bag – we know The Samsung unpacked event takes place on January 14th. We learned A lot about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series And the parts that begin with it (The Galaxy Butts Pro And Galaxy Smart Tag). As if that weren’t enough, a new leak sheds more light on the software being shipped with phones.

Courtesy of a new video Jimmy Promo – The same channel that brought us Video of the Galaxy S21 + Last month – One can see some new features of UI 3.1, which was introduced with the flagship series.

1) Continue applications on other devices
As the name implies, it allows you to continue to use certain apps from where you left off on other devices with the same Samsung account. It will only start with Samsung Internet and Samsung Notes. Whatever its value, it is Like what Apple has been doing consistently.

2) Call playback videos
Samsung One UI 3.1 combines some beautiful video backgrounds. You can choose from a few videos, one of which includes dancing AR emojis.

Watch the full video above.

3) Choose between Google Discover & Samsung Free
We are This was confirmed last month, We finally see it live on the S21 Ultra. Starting with the S21 series, users will be able to choose between Samsung Free and Google Discover feeds on the home screen – choose both, nothing on the left side of your home screen.

4) S pen compatibility
At this point, this is not news – we have heard and seen about it The S Pen has S21 Ultra support. However, the video confirms that the S21 Ultra supports classic S Pen features such as Air View, Air Command and Screen of Memo.

5) Director’s vision
Interestingly, this feature One can see the UI 2.0 and was previously thought to make its debut with the Galaxy S20 series. It doesn’t work, but it looks like we’ll see the feature in the new Galaxy S21 series. Allows users to switch between different cameras during shooting. Video does not apply to exclusives, but the feature allows recording from two (or more) cameras simultaneously.

The video also reveals some features such as ‘Focus Enhancer’ which is part of One UI 3.1 and the ability to select video resolution from the recording screen. Since the release is less than two weeks away we don’t have to wait long to find out more.

Veronica Tucker

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