Jupiter was hit by an unknown object on September 14

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, specifically on September 13, 2021 at 10:39:30 pm UTC (September 14 at 12:39:30 pm Paris time),astronomer Brazilian amateur Jose Luis Pereira Discover A new impact on the planet Jupiter. This observation, made from São Caetano do Sul (São Paulo State, Brazil), has been confirmed by at least two other observers: Harald Palesci, in Langendorf (Germany), and John Paul Arnoldfrom the Lorraine Astronomical Society (Salad), in Villey-le-Sec (France). The ALS team on a mission at the Astroqueyras Observatory in Saint-Ferrand (France) I also recorded it.

Impact on Jupiter.

This cosmic collision was observed by flash light that she produced, as it were at least Eight other effects Included on this planet for the past two decades. In the case of this new effect, the flash It remained visible for about two seconds.

Sky lovers who photographed Jupiter around the time of the impact are invited to examine their data. Observers are also encouraged to continue filming the area of ​​impact in the coming days to see if dark spot Visible, like the one that was produced The impact of the fragments of the famous comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in July 1994.

It’s too early to know the exact type of object (comet where asteroid) crashed in gas giant, but according to spaceweather.com, « A 100-meter-high asteroid will do the trick ».

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