Jura Plain. Amazing immersion thanks to the virtual reality headset | Weekly 39

Last Saturday, the digital consultant of Plaine Jurassienne, Gaëtan Verdichizzi, offered about fifteen people a complete immersion in a virtual reality headset (as a reminder, a virtual reality headset allows you to simulate the environment digitally). They were able to test different games and activities such as: beat saber (a lightsaber game in which you have to break cubes while avoiding obstacles), roller coaster-type attractions, shooting games… The display on the screen allowed the other participants to follow in real time what the player saw and how he reacted. Children, teenagers and parents loved discovering this digital tool, whether it was by immersing themselves in the information or the reactions of the other participants.

Precautions for use

Please note: Immersion can cause unwanted effects in some people such as dizziness, headache, tetany and nausea. Therefore it is important to limit helmet use to 15-20 minutes per session and not allow immersion to very young children. Despite this potential embarrassment that did not bother the participants, everyone is ready to live such a moment.

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