Kaiserau’s new coaching team got their expertise with computers at night

New Associate Trainer and Head Coach Fabian Blume not only share a common past in SuS Kaiserau, they also share a first name: The fifth member of the Reserve Coaching Team is Fabian Gollan’s old friend in the SuS.

The 29-year-old played in the first team until 2019, then advanced for a slightly shorter period for professional reasons and joined the second team. Additionally, he has already gained experience on the sidelines as a youth assistant coach. Bloom and Golan, who were on the field together when they were young, have been a long-time friendship.

Fabian Golan, here with SuS Robin Pfahl and Timo Milcarek (left), will be part of the second coaching team starting in the summer. © Golombec © Golombec

“We used to spend nights with the“ football manager, ”Golan remembers an hour or two in front of the computer,“ That’s why this is a great opportunity now to do it with Fabian. ”The two’s soccer experience will no longer be required on the PC, but on Jahnstrasse.

Golan, who was still active as a second-team player until the canceled season, will henceforth be largely restricted to working as assistant coach: “I will train partially, but on Sunday I will only play in emergencies. I’ll let the other players go first.”

Golan became the fifth member of the Kaiserau Reserve training team. “It was important for me to talk clearly about assigning tasks in advance,” he says, who considers himself “an assistant coach in the sports field.” Tactics, for example, must also be part of his area of ​​work.

“We want to do it professionally, even if it’s only” domestic league “, says head coach Bloom the reason for the coaching team’s size. In this context, Zuter should be increasingly responsible for organizational matters, Kuhle, as a former goalkeeper, would take care of the guards Goal and Borush is finally being planned in the field of fitness and endurance. “Faby is a very ambitious man, and we all get along very well,” said Bloom, looking forward to the future collaboration

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Coaches still have to be patient

Gollan and Co. Be patient, even if full of enthusiasm for work. “Now that you start planning, you are naturally hotter to start,” Golan explains. Until then, theoretical planning remains the only option – and there may also be an hour or two of Football Manager.

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