Tools to help you avoid small worries or big problems

Several digital and connected devices can be a great service for avoiding unpleasant surprises.

How many of you turn off the water supply to your home or apartment before going on vacation or on a picnic for a few days? Every time I forget to do so. Maybe this has happened to you, or maybe you know someone whose home was flooded.

When it spills, it causes damage similar to a spring flood.

To mitigate water damage, all you need is a simple tool called a leakage sensor that lets you alert you on your smartphone. They are placed near appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, hot water tank, etc.

IHome Dual Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Leakage Sensor (iSB02)

Equipped with two sensors, this long-lasting two AA battery gadget can detect water in two places thanks to its six-foot probe. When you connect to your WiFi network, you will be warned by an audible alert and on your smartphone at the slightest trace of liquid. Website:

IHome iSB02 Leak Detector


IHome iSB02 Leak Detector

Online sold between $ 45 and $ 73 CAD

HomeKit Vibaro sensor

For its part, the Fibaro sensor requires HomeKit access like HomePod, iPad, or Apple TV to connect. This floating water sensor also runs on battery and also features a temperature sensor that alerts you when the water pipe reaches its temperature threshold. Freezing is also suspected which could cause the tube to burst. You receive a notification on your iPhone as soon as it malfunctions. Model Number: FGBHFS-001.

More expensive, calculate at least 101 CAD per piece on

Fibaro offers a cheaper model, $ 80 CAD (FGFS-101 ZW5) that doesn’t work with Apple’s HomeKit.

Samsung SmartThings water leakage sensor

In Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, South Korea is introducing its version of the leakage sensor. Connected as an internet object underneath Zigbee 3.0 protocolThis leakage sensor is part of the home automation world that provides devices with a global language.

Samsung leak detector


Samsung leak detector

Almost all digital device manufacturers offer their version of the leakage sensor. Go to your preferred OEM website to find out which devices are available.

With automatic shutdown

Well, the warning is a good thing. Someone still has to access housing to cut off the water supply at the source.

For hoses with a diameter of 0.5 “and 1”, equipped with a quarter turn valve, this valve control turns off the power as soon as one of the three sensors detects a water leak. If necessary, an alert is sent to your smartphone.

Think about the system Guardian leak prevention, Which appears on and, charges over $ 425 or so.

For its part, HydroSolution offers a similar system, which is Aqua wifi leak detector.

The door sensor is not closed properly

Whether a garage door or a refrigerator door is open, you will be warned in time with these reagents.

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On, Stitch alerts you that your patio door, important staircase, mailbox, freezer or freezer door is poorly closed. The device consists of two parts that must be face to face to indicate a complete shutdown

For $ 60, this one is a remote control Tailwind IQ3 Which uses Bluetooth and GPS that allows you to open and close the garage door automatically when approaching or moving away from it and automatically closing it.

Prevention is always a good way to cut down on heavy costs and reduce anxiety.

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